The motivation for weight management comes from the emotional and social acceptance. People are willing to make more efforts in order to obtain a desirable appearance. Also, psychological health can be strongly affected by people’s attitudes about their weight. In this case, the primary users are adults who want to do physical exercise. The secondary users are game lovers who are passionate about social participations.


According to research, 38% of women and 24% of men would like to manage their weight.Most of them believe that a better visual representation of their future body shape might positively motivate them to adopt healthier behavior.

Most of them believe that a better visual representation of their future body shape might positively motivate them to adopt healthier behavior.

The Concept

UFit is a fitness/gaming APP that encourages users to exercise and maintain a physically active lifestyle.Through the research, it was discovered that the primary source of motivation for working out comes from having a friend beside them to provide encouragements and friendly competitions.

UX Goals

After resarch, I have identified the following UX goals:

  • “I want to know about my healthy data and compare it with history.”
  • "I want to have a strong digital Avatar and my Avatar information."
  • "I want to have a tutorial video. For video, each step is clear to understand. After watching the video, I know how to this exercise."
  • "I want to choose my own exercise tasks so that I can customize my workouts to suit my routine."
  • "I want notifications that remind me to exercise and tell me what my friends are up to."
  • "I want more opportunities to make friends and to share my results with the rest of the world."


System Requirements

  • Motivate users to keep exercising
  • Encourage users to exercise with Avater and their friends
  • Suggest exercises for the user to complete by tutorial
  • Display improvements the user is making each time they exercise
  • Show the progress of friends and details about their Avater
  • Support communication with users and their friends

Design Principles

The design of the U-Fit application uses the following Don Norman design principles:

  • Effectiveness: Incorporating functionalities to help fulfil the user’s exercise goals.
  • Visibility: Limit number of functionalities presented to the users, to create attention to those functionalities that are present and most useful.
  • Constraints: Limit the options available for the users, and increase their response time to allow for easier decision making in game.
  • Consistency: Consistent layout through the prototype, which allow users easily navigate through the application.
  • Affordance and Signifiers: Using easily understood icons (e.g. play/pause button icons) so that users can intuitively understand what to do next.
  • Feedback: Sending and obtaining information about completed operations and completed operations so that the person can continue the activity.

Initially, users are able to create and customize their own digital pet (Avatar).

▲During the exercise, the system records your status and Avatar gains exp according to the amount of exercises

▲Players' Avatar will have 3 different lever-up forms depending on types of workout

▲ E.g. If the player completed more strength exercise, the Avatar would have stronger arms and muscles. Correspondingly, it sattack will be higher. If the player did more aerobic or balanced exercise, the Avatar would have high speed and defenser espectively.

▶ Users can use their own Avatar to compete against other's Avatars in thebattle. It is a simple turn-based game. In order to strengthen an Avatar andprogress further in-game, users are required to perform exercises. The Avatar’sattributes (strength, speed and defense) are determined by the number ofdifferent kinds of exercises you finished.

  • Strength: how many damages your Avatar can create. (Increased by strength exercise)
  • Speed: how many rounds our Avatar can run. (increased by aerobic exercise)
  • Defense: how many damages your Avatar can defense. (Raised by balanced exercise)

Social Media

  • The app also allows users to contact and play with friends, meet new people, or meet new people in their location and work out with them.


  • Tutorial videos demonstrate users how to properly do an unfamiliar exercise.