Project Description

Translify a lightweight application on smart watch which aims to break the communication barriers caused by language and culture difference. Our targeted audience is immigrants or refugees who have the lack of language proficiency and related education background.

It provides an oral assistant to help these users to understand and communicate with foreign language speaker. It not only can translate their words into native language, but also demonstrate supported images and example sentence. It also offers vocabulary list, pronunciation accuracy and class question for non-native speaker to study second language. As for social & mobile computing, we designed a function called social event that helps users to understand local culture.

Domain Space

Because of globalisation, there is a growing trend in communication with foreign language. People have more opportunities to exposure in a multi-language environment. In this case, facing communication barriers became a common phenomenon in daily life. This was evident with most of the immigrants who found it very hard to communicate with native speakers because they are fear to use unfamiliar language. With Translify, we aim to which can users to study second language and break the communication barriers with foreigners.

▲ Act by Billy Ho & Valerie Lin


Though defining the problem domain by academic studies, we conducted online surveys and interviews to find solutions that would help our targeted users to break down communication barriers.

According to research, we find that there are different cultural factors affect learning degree in language education. Cultural factors impedes the ability of migrants to obtain education opportunities and integrate into the new society. Also, the lack of understanding other language ability not only leads to the inconvenience for people but also might influence their everyday lives including study, career and even mental health. Therefore, the content in our technology was designed to help immigrant build self-confidence in studying a secondary language.

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▲ Interview

▲ User Testing

System Introduction

Oral Assistant

When users are uncertain on words by using non-native language, they can speak to the device in their mother language and Translift Will translate it into the targeted language with a supported image. It is quick, handy and polite

In Class Questions

If users don't understand in the class, but they are unwilling to let others know that. They can click the button on the device and ask questions anonymously. From Teachers’ view, they will know how many students have questions.

Vocabulary List

It can record the vocabulary with supported image in order to help user to memorize words and study foreign language.

Social Event

It will push relevant social event announcements and send article about local culture to users for encouraging them to speak more and communicate more with local-residents.

Pronunciation Accuracy

Translift intends to actually promate users to speak more local languages instead of merely doing real time translation awkwardly. Users can practice pronunciation and check the accuracy. If they get high marks, The system will display a smiley face.

Your portable oral assistant

Your portable oral assistant

Your personal language tutor

Your personal language tutor


This prototype developed as an electronic interactive prototype by Unity 2D engine with medium fidelity. Additionally, the prototype presents the interface and outlooking to the testers. All buttons related to the five main functions will give certain responses.

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▲ 1st Prototype on Adobe XD

▲ 2nd Prototype on Unity

Team Members

UQ | DECO3500

Elijah Xia

Design Lead

Zoey Zoe


Jason Lin

Unity Developer

Vivian Xie

Unity Developer