Elkonic Nutritionals Research Institute (located in the USA and China) aims to provide two systems, namely GSP health system (focus on cell regeneration and anti aging) and global value creation (focus on blockchain and bitcoin). The former offers products such as multivitamin, dietary, nutritional supplements, food supplements and health food supplements. The latter is a wealth management platform used to pay, transact and save money safely with interest.

Client's Requirement

Elkonic is a geographical distribution enterprises. Considering with integrated management, data replication & allocation are involved. Also, due to numerous resources from different users, client ask my team to design a database with good data quality via schema integration and data linkage knowledge.

System Introduction

Product Demonstration Slider

  • Advertising main products
  • Branding promotion
  • Functionality introduction

Medical Service

  • One-stop online appointment process
  • Flexible schedule arrangement
  • Pre-surgery consultation & follow-up
  • Professional physical examination
  • Health report analysis
  • Health advice

VlP Club

  • Personal medical care
  • Health management
  • Special discount
  • Humanized service

Series Of Product Line

  • 4 large series of product line (e.g. health products, cosmetics, skin care products and medical instruments)
  • Horizontal layout to avoid that people are less likely to scroll down whole pages
  • Different colors to distinguish different series
  • Visible to all the product series effectively & cater to the users’ habits.

MSM Digital Wallet

  • Online purchasing and payment
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin technology
  • Integrity & immutable security
  • Transactions stored in a public & decentralised ledger
  • Financial incomes and benefits

Web Pages

Online Shopping


  • Edit and save your personal information
  • View your purchased products and service

Medical Service Appointment

  • Start appointment and follow the steps
  • Users and doctors have different views


Brand Introduction


This web has been built by Python as server-side language and Flask application as the framework .In order to make the web highly accessible, my team set up an Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud computing environment under EC2 service to deploy it.

Development Team:

  • UI/UX Design & Web Design: Elijah Xia
  • Web Development: Elkonic & Suqihulian IT Inc.
  • AWS Developer: Jason Lin