Trailer - Freedom & Gunshot (WIP)

This short video is adapted from my fiction of the same name, called Freedom & Gunshot (《自由与枪声》).

The outline of the story is that protagonist Jiaqiang is a young journalist. His dream is to be a good journalist who is able to report the truth to the public. However, with new media development, the traditional press and newspaper industry is influenced negatively. He chose to resign. He felt disappointed because his talent was underappreciated. Thus, he had a conversation with his best friend, Zhi, to pour out her troubles. Fortunately, Zhi was operating a new media platform and he invited Jiaqiang to join his company. Then, Jiaqiang was offered a position as an editor by Zhi. With time, because of company development, Jiaqiang, Zhi and other graphic designer Shimin need to go to NY for business travel. Jiaqing needed to take an important interview with famous localdancer, Mina,about her performance.When He Was interviewing Mina, he met one of Mina's students, Dingxin. They have some feelings and then fall in love. However, one time they were dating, Dingxin got hurt because there was a gunshotting accident. However, it is a good chance for Jiaqiang to achieve his dream. He does not want to miss this first hand resource. He paid more attention to reporting this accident, rather than look after his girlfriend. As for Dingxin, she cannot dance before rehabilitation and loses the opportunity of perencemence due to her injury. She was mad at Jiaqiang, even though he apologized later. Finally, their relationship is broken.