Hell‘s Kitchen

During Covid-19 Pandemic, we all has being quarantined in our rooms. Let's make yummy dishes and consider yourself as the cooking master : )

Hell's Kitchen is a fast-playing card game. The goal is to grab the best combination of recipes. There are 4 types of cards, including ingredient, seasoning, kitchenware and functional cards. Players need to collect these cards for cooking their food. The strategy is the more recipes they made, the higher score points they got. If they successfully collect bonus recipe , they will get extra gourmet scores. Alternatively, you can use the magic from functional cards to disturb other players in order to avoid them complete recipes and get higher scores. But be carefully, Your opponents also likely use same trick against you.

Share your foods and play with your friends remotely! Inspired by Sushi Go, Uno and Three Kingdoms, we remixed these game and redesigned Hell's Kitchen for Zoom. Consider the affordances and constraints of Zoom, we want players to have a playable experience!

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